Hello? Yes–it’s me!

Is it rude not to introduce oneself?

It’s certainly a requirement on a blind-date. It’s a good idea to state your name to your child’s teacher when sitting opposite them at a miniscule desk, amongst the pencil graffiti and tiny, inked fingerprints.

But when beginning a blog, does a five-word bio suffice as way of introduction?

Shall I cite my writing CV?

Perhaps I’ve not fully thought this out.

‘Tis mind-boggling to think I’ve evading a commitment to blogging for so long. What’s not to love about this online open space! No one has to read my dithering here, no agent is finely scrutinising my sentence structure, nor am I relying on royalties for clever content.

Is this absolute modern-day freedom for a writer?

A forum where I am letting imagination and keyboard-tapping flow sans pressure to produce damn fine copy?

Still, that stinging, self-critical minx sits firmly on my shoulder no matter where and what I write, thrusting an invisible cocktail stick into my earlobe as penance for mediocre work. I’ve had a word with her for decades—she never skittles away and leaves me in peace.

So I shall write here as often as life allows, carving my virtual niche amongst other writers in their online room of their own.

Welcome to my desk, welcome to my world.

I’m Em Kelly.

I write.

Nice to meet you.